Civil litigation & ADR

Every dispute requires a specific approach

About us

Our International Team operates on a strategic level. We are dedicated litigators who combine all relevant facts and circumstances to determine the best strategic and legal approach. We seek influence and leverage, sometimes through immediate action – and sometimes by being patient.

We are genuinely committed and passionate litigators. We have extensive experience in international commercial & corporate litigation and international private law. Our International Team is known for its collaboration with foreign attorneys-at-law, especially if foreign law applies to the dispute.

Dutch litigation is becoming increasingly popular for solving international commercial and corporate disputes. The Dutch Code of Civil Procedure and the Dutch judiciary are ranked among the most reliable, transparent, and cost-effective worldwide. International dispute resolution plays an important role in the Dutch legal system. Special courts have been established, such as The Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal which deals with specific corporate matters and the Netherlands Commercial Court that deal with international commercial disputes. Furthermore, the numbers of mass claim proceedings and mass claim settlements are increasing and the possible international effects thereof are relevant for foreign plaintiffs, defendants, and interested parties. Based on the Brussels I Regulation Recast it is also possible to enforce Dutch attachment orders in the EU, thereby enabling plaintiffs to secure assets before and during litigation.

Of course, we also consider other ways to resolve disputes. We have extensive experience in corporate and civil mediation and arbitration proceedings. These dispute resolution mechanisms are gaining popularity within the commercial domain.

The International Team is involved in:

  • Commercial litigation & ADR
  • Corporate litigation & ADR
  • Interim injunction proceedings
  • Debt recovery and securities enforcement litigation
  • Cross-border bankruptcy proceedings
  • Cross-border Asset Recovery
  • Complex attachment proceedings
  • Cross-border enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards
  • Disputes concerning immunity from jurisdiction and/or execution
  • Disputes concerning the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)