TeekensKarstens opens tech office in Amsterdam

16 January 2019

TeekensKarstens attorneys & notaries is about to embark on an inspiring new chapter: TK Amsterdam

With effect from January 2019, the specialists of the Information, Communication & Technology sector have operated from the heart of smart city Amsterdam. With its headquarter in hightech city Leiden, TK now has a presence in the heart of the areas where technological developments are happening in rapid succession and where start-ups and scale-ups are continuously working on the Next Big Thing.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most important start-up hubs. Within that ecosystem, there is a need for specialist legal knowledge. TK’s tech lawyers are experts in such fields as privacy (GDPR), intellectual property, M&A, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Rens Goudsmit, tech lawyer: “We translate issues in the technology sector into the best and most practical legal solutions. We develop close relationships with our clients and take on a connecting role. We know the sector and the issues that will be relevant in the future. As tech lawyers, we leverage our knowledge and experience to forge the essential link between innovation and regulation.”

Laws and regulations are often not adapted to new developments

New technologies and developments are also leading to innovative, interesting and complex legal issues. “Current laws and regulations tend not to have been geared to these new developments yet,” says Goudsmit. “There is still no obvious answer to questions such as: how do the principles of the GDPR affect the documentation of all manner of transactions in a decentralised blockchain? Who is liable if a self-driving car causes an accident? Who holds the copyright if a robot writes a book? We address these questions based on our legal knowledge and knowledge of the sector, always with a keen eye for technology.”

Growth through connecting

Making connections is key for TK Amsterdam. The network TK has built within the sector is opened up to, and expanded for, clients in this growth sector. Especially in this sector it is crucial to share best practices and knowledge. That is why TK Amsterdam is located in a co-workspace at Keizersgracht and why its tech lawyers are members of various Dutch and international networks. The new office is also an important link in the further expansion of TK’s international practice, which has a particular focus on international dispute resolution, M&A and start-up and scale-up growth support services, including assistance in investment rounds by venture capitalists, informal investors and/or angel investors.

Help to build products and services of the future

TK Amsterdam is home to a passionate and enthusiastic young team that is committed to providing legal and strategic services to innovative organisations to help them work towards success. Its tech lawyers are not just legal partners, but they also serve as strategic advisers and linking pins. They facilitate, protect and help develop the products and services of the future.