TK Corona Policy | We remain close with our services

Coronavirus: TK advises you remotely in the usual way

Due to the coronavirus and the advice from RIVM and the government, we have adapted our processes and our communication method accordingly.

Below you can read more about our customized services with the aim of protecting your health and that of our employees and continuing our services as you have come to expect from us.


As always, we are available by phone and e-mail, at least during our office hours, but in urgent cases also outside.

Meetings: video calling or telephone consultation

During this situation, all discussions will take place via video calling or telephone consultation as much as possible. We schedule the appointments as usual, where you can indicate your preference. If you opt for a video discussion, we will guide and instruct you when dialing in.

Contact with our people

In this period, our people can only visit your home or company in a very urgent situation to discuss or sign necessary legal documents. In addition, a considerable number of our people work at home more than usual.
Colleagues in the office greet you – in accordance with applicable guidelines – without shaking hands and with appropriate distance. The cup of coffee or tea is currently also skipped. This is at odds with our hospitality. However, with the aim to overcome this crisis together and to be able to receive you at our office again in the usual TK way soon.


Our notary office is located in Leiden. We temporarily cancel our opening on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. View the opening hours of the notary profession in Leiden.

Signing legal notary documents

  • For the time being, the agreements for signing notarial documents will continue as long as you do not have any symptoms (see below). Where possible, we will encourage the execution of the notarial documents drawn up by us as far as possible by proxy. The person handling your file will discuss with you how this can be implemented.
  • Of course you can contact us with all your questions and comments about documents drawn up by us. You can find the contact details of the person handling your file at the bottom of the e-mails you received from our office.
  • If, after consultation with you, it has been discussed and it has been decided to sign your document(s) in front of you at our office, then only the persons mentioned in the document(s) may be physically present at the time of signing. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any advisers, brokers, parents and even children to sign.

Digital identification / legalization (remote) possible

  • Due to our notarial professional rules, some documents (such as powers of attorney, decisions or statements) must be legalized by a notary. In connection with the identification, the signatory must place his / her signature on the relevant document in the presence of (an employee of) a notary and identify himself on the spot by means of a valid ID.
  • When our drawing instruction states that documents must be legalized, we have decided – as a special measure – that you do not have to appear in person at the office. We can arrange this legalization / identification (in most cases) remotely digitally for you using an appropriately working audio-video connection.
    Call us for more information or an appointment for a remote legalization / identification with your file handler.

Visiting our office and a cold or symptoms?

If there is any doubt about your health, please kindly inform us before your visit to our office via:

Contactperson: Nando van Gorkum
Telefphone number: +31 71 535 80 98

Contactperson: Conny van Wetten
Telephone number: +31 6 10 55 95 39

We thank you for your understanding and hope that our adapted working method will contribute to the protection and promotion of the health of all of us and also to the most efficient working method for the moment.

Based on RIVM’s advice and guidelines, we adjust our working method where necessary. We will keep you informed.