TK Nordic

It is self-explanatory that we know the relevant markets

Our expertise

Internationale fusies & overnames / Private equity transacties / Joint ventures / Corporate governance / Durfkapitaal investeringen / Reorganisaties / Contractenrecht / Corporate procesvoering & arbitrage / Investeringsfondsen.

TK Nordic team

We take care of numerous clients from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, which have business involving the Dutch jurisdiction. Many of them have their international head offices here in the Netherlands for tax or infrastructural reasons. We take care of their legal needs, including attorney and notarial services.

Also, we work for many Dutch companies and institutions that do business in the Nordics. The client group varies from SME to multinationals.

It is self-explanatory that we know the relevant markets, are well involved in the Nordic networks and are aware of the specifics of business culture. Swedish is spoken fluently. Also, we correspond in that language, if the client so desires.

TK Nordic works in a broader concept than only rendering legal services to clients in the Dutch-Nordic markets. We work closely together with local partners in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. This includes law firms, tax advisors, corporate finance advisors, real estate brokers, payrolling services, match makers and so on. Since we work together frequently, the lines are short and effective, which works to the benefit of the client.

In the Netherlands, we work closely together with advisors that have the same focus on the Nordics. We make sure they have the same cultural awareness and in the same language skills. This works much to the benefit of Nordic companies established in the Netherlands or considering to do so.

We combine TeekensKarstens Law Firm’s rich resources with the benefits of its knowledge of the Dutch-Nordic markets and its vast network both in Holland and in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.