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We translate your issues into legal solutions in the best and most practical way. Commitment and an energetic approach are an important part of our culture with the aim of making you grow.

Where are you in Business?

Developing your product or service is central to your daily practice. But at what moments do you have to be alert and properly arrange matters legally? Think of the official establishment of your company, which legal form is most suitable? But also the proper arrangement of privacy legislation, the correct and timely recording of intellectual property and agreements in contracts. How do you prepare for the investment round, what is important?

We're here to support you every step of the way

The idea

We support you as startup (or scaleup) in legal support in drawing up a business case and/or prototype, drawing up an NDA and supervising the first investment round.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • Business case
  • Prototype
  • NDA
  • Angel investors
  • Seed capital
Structuring the cooperation

We support you in devising of the appropriate legal form, taking into account the (healthcare) sector-specific governance, the incorporation and trade name(s) of the legal form, the drafting of the articles of association and the shareholders’ agreement. In this process, further consideration can be given to financing through possible European subsidies, TK will then supervise the subsidy process.

Elements that require legal attention in the second phase:

  • Legal form
  • Incorporation
  • Ttrade name(s)
  • Governance
  • Articles of association
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Subsidy process
Product development

We’re happy to advise on the assessment of the legal and regulatory framework and provide you with legal analyzes on necessary processes, such as the MDR/IVDR process for a CE marking.

Where necessary, we also supervise these procedures. We provide legal advice on the necessary compliance with general and sectoral laws and regulations, so that the product or service can ultimately be launched on the market with a strong and legally sustainable foundation. An IP check is also important. When partners are recruited for the development, we support the contracting.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • Regulatory framework
  • IP check
  • Cooperation agreements
  • MDR/IVDR trajectory
  • Drug Agreement
Registration IP

We support in exploring the possibility of obtaining an exclusive property right to the invention, trade names or trade marks. Togehter we explore the options for a patent attorney for the patent application procedure.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • Regulatory framework
  • IP check
  • Cooperation agreements
  • MDR/IVDR trajectory
  • Drug Agreement

We provide support in all aspects of employment law, such as drafting terms and conditions of employment, taking out insurance and drawing up employment contracts. TK is also able to provide support in drawing up contracts for services if freelancers are recruited.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • Terms of employment
  • Insurances
  • Employment contract
  • Employee Participation
  • Services agreement

We support in drawing up the necessary contracts in the field of purchasing, distribution, general terms and conditions, licensing, processing agreements and cooperation agreements with supply chain partners.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • General Purchasing Conditions
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Licence Agreement (IP)
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Cooperation Agreement

We support compliance processes in the field of, for example, the GDPR, WGBO and other privacy and health law regulations. TK assists in drawing up all necessary privacy documents.

Elements that require legal attention:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Statements
  • Data Breach Protocol
  • Data Processing Agreement

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