Services and information resources for expats


TK offers you a total package of civil law notary services, both private individuals and international companies, in the area of:

We have brought together our services and information resources for expats living and working in the Netherlands, ensuring that our extensive knowledge and expertise is made available to clients in the most efficient and effective manner. We are able to discuss your requirements in English. Most of the relevant documents are also available in English. If necessary, we can arrange for documents to be professionally translated, or for a qualified interpreter to be present during the meeting and/or when you sign the documents.

We have a responsibility to provide full clarity about the content of legal documents. We do our utmost to ensure that our clients understand the implications of the documents they sign.

Our advisors:

Inheritance – and family law
Erna Kortlang, Civil notary

Real estate
Julius Bos, Candidate civil notary

Corporate law
Rik Kamps, Civil Notary

Corporate law
Kim Remerij, Candidate civil notary